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One of the problems we see on a regular basis is ingrown toe nails. 
An ingrowing toenail is where a piece of nail pierces the flesh of the toe. It can feel as if you have a splinter, be extremely painful and inflamed or infected. In order to resolve the problem on many occasions we perform surgery. 
The two main procedures performed are: 
Partial nail avulsion (removal): the side or sides of a nail only are removed 
Total nail avulsion (removal): the whole nail is removed 
After this, we apply a chemical called phenol to limit the chance of the nail re-growing. 
Recently there have been changes in the use of phenol as with the elimination of liquid bottles of phenol 80% in compliance with the medical device regulations and national patient safety alert issued August 2021, different methods have been used in the application during phenolisation and we are now using SafeTPen. 
Reasons we use SafeTPen: 
• Easy to use 
• Reduces possibility of a phenol spill 
• Controlled amount delivered to each patient 
• A tapered tip to assist with more accurate delivery of phenol to the nail matrix 
• Readily visible phenol through incorporation of medical dye 
• Contains 100% more phenol than current market brands 
• To prevent spillage and excessive use of Phenol during the nail ablation 
• To reduce the risk of cross infection when undertaking the matrix ablation on a Bi-lateral partial nail avulsion. 
For further information on nail surgery please follow this link 
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