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Corrective nail surgery is a common procedure with a 95% success rate. A nail may need to be partially or totally removed for many reasons for example: Ingrowing toe nail; Damaged / thickened nail; Chronic fungal nail. 
Nail surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic so you will be awake. Once the toe is completely numbed the offending piece of nail is removed and a chemical called phenol is applied to prevent regrowth. The toe is dressed and written advice and a dressing pack is provided as well as the date of your next appointment. The anaesthetic will wear off after around an hour and a half. 
Please allow an hour for the procedure. We advise you to wear or bring open toe shoes or sandals with you to wear post operatively and ideally for the first week. Driving when your toe is anaesthetised may invalidate your insurance and make you unfit to drive, therefore please arrange transport home. 
Rest with your foot elevated for 24hrs save pottering to the toilet and do not get the toe wet for 24hrs. If you feel any discomfort we advise you to take a mild painkiller which you would normally take for a headache (but not aspirin). Occasionally, due to feet being on the ground infection can occur, if this happens call Revive Footcare or your GP and explain the circumstances. Healing usually occurs around six weeks. 
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