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Nail reconstruction Expert care to keep feet healthy 

At Revive Footcare , we understand that damaged toenails can cause embarrassment and discomfort for patients. Whether it’s due to injury, infection, or a medical condition, we have a solution: LCN’s Wilde Pedique Toe nail Reconstruction. 
What Is It? 
• Our cosmetic procedure rebuilds and reshapes damaged toenails. 
• Suitable for partially or completely missing, discolored, or deformed toenails. 
• Corrects ingrown toenails and other nail abnormalities. 
How It Works: 
1. Application. The practitioner applies layers of a special UV cured resin to the natural nailbed. This resin is flexible , making it ideal for weightbearing toe nails. 
2. U V curing : each layer of resin is cured under a UV light. As a result it becomes a firm , nail -like substance that adheres to the natural nail. 
3. Durability: The reconstructed nail is durable , scratch resistant, and long lasting. It looks and feels natural, providing an excellent solution for damaged or missing toe nails. 
4. Suitability: LCN nail reconstruction is particularly useful for correcting issues such as mishappen, discoloured or fungal toe nails. Its a popular choice for those seeking an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution. 

Why Choose Toenail Reconstruction? 

• Restore damaged toenail appearance. 
• Ideal for patients who can’t undergo surgery or invasive procedures. 
• Safe, effective, and performed in a single clinic visit. 
• Results last for weeks or even months. 
If you have damaged toenails, consider Wilde Pedique Toenail Reconstruction. It’s a confidence-boosting solution that improves quality of life. 


Please note our Medical pedicures, nail reconstruction and reflexology treatments are performed by qualified Foot Health Practitioners. These specialized procedures aim to restore damaged or unsightly nails for both cosmetic and medical purposes. 
Please note that medical pedicures , nail reconstruction and reflexology are not chargeable to insurance companies. 
Nail Reconstruction prices – One big toe £75 
Two big toes £145 
Extra digits £15 
Booking is available online. 
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