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Finding comfortable footwear is not easy and wearing Orthotics during the summer can be challenging. But with individually designed, corrective custom-made flip flops and bespoke sandals, the comfort and benefits of orthotics can be enjoyed all year round. 
There are plenty of benefits to sandals that regular shoes don’t provide. For example, sandals let your feet breathe. They are also easier to slip on and off. However, most sandals lack proper support and don’t distribute weight evenly as you walk. This lack of support and stability can lead to painful foot conditions or intensify pre-existing issues. This is where bespoke sandals can make a difference! 
Investing a bit of time and thought into caring for your feet now can prevent them causing you pain later. 
Available in a range of colours and styles. Please see options below. 


Multiple base and top cover combinations to choose from. 
Base Colours: Red, Royal blue, Black, Pink, Baby blue | Sole Colours: Black, Grey, White | Strap Colour: Black, White, Pink (light pink) | Top covers: Plain – Black, Royal blue, Red, Orange, Lime green, Grey, Sky Blue, Pale pink and in addition to our plain covers: Grafitti – Pink/Purple or Green/Purple | Marble colours – Black/Grey, Pink, Blue or Red/Yellow 


We have 6 options of sandals a two strap slider and three strap with heel strap both in 3 colours: Black, Brown or White. 
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