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This content will only be showAt Revivefootcare we see patients experiencing 
Why do we get cracked heels. The skin around the heel becomes excessively dry or wet combined 
with constant pressure on the heel .When the cracked heels only affect the outer layer of the skin 
you may not experience pain , other times it can also affect healthy skin beneath the dry skin and 
the cracks – then it is painful can cause bleeding and exposes the wound to potential infection. 
Common causes : 
Standing for long periods of time. (at work or socially) 
The way you walk - specific gait issues- biomechanical factors. 
inappropriate footwear (-e g Open backed shoes) 
There are also specific health conditions that can cause cracked heels : diabetes for example can 
cause the dryness on the feet. Leaving the cracks or exacerbating them can lead to potential 
infection and this must be avoided . 
Other skin conditions such as eczema psoriasis 
Dealing with CRACKED HEELS requires the cooperation of both the podiatrist and the patient. It 
needs determination to overcome the issue and prevent recurrence. It sometimes can take time. It 
is rarely an overnight fix. One has to work at it together. 
What are the treatments that help overcome the CRACKED HEELS? 
Safe Removal by the podiatrist of the surrounding hard skin and levelling out the cracks, ensuring 
any infection is dealt with through appropriate treatment and dressing . 
The softening of the CRACKED HEELS. The careful selection of which urea cream or moisturiser and 
at which point in the treatment 
BY taking these fairly simple steps we can get rid of the cracked heels and be proud once again of 
ones feet . 
A recent case was Ivy who came into the clinic 5 months ago last July convinced that her feet were 
in a poor state and could not wear open shoes and sandals in the summer . These are her own 
“Thank you Mark for getting my badly cracked painful heels back normal. 
At my first appointment with Mark , he reassured me that he could help me but it would take a little 
time to restore them back to normal. Now after several months working together,I am delighted to 
say that my feet are in excellent condition— 
  Highly Recommend 
  Thanks again Mark 
So if you have CRACKED HEELS and you are embarrassed or in pain from them let’s work together 
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